Our bodies are nourished with food, providing vitamins we need to be active and energized folk. I am lucky to have the choice of deciding what I eat and how it ends up on my plate. Farming, ingredients, transportation, and aesthetics are all little things that make a big difference. Just as nuts and dried fruit add variety and contrast to my salad, using engaging design principles in my illustrations do too. I like to treat design methods like spice and taste and then go from there.

I grew up pretty much in my dad's organic garden in Laguna Niguel, Ca. Carrying my chicken Polly under my arm, I began mixing different muds from the orchard and soon graduated to cooking for my family at a young age.  Using healthy, wholesome, ingredients and supporting local, organic farmers is important to me. I understand that this process can take concerted effort and time therefore I want to be there to help you and your family! By living out this passion I am able to bring unique recipes to life for my own family and others too. I strongly believe that the choices we make as to what we put in our bodies not only nourishes our health and minds, but contributes to the wellbeing of society one meal at a time.