Being a seamstress, my grandma sewed my mom’s entire wardrobe and as a young girl, I fell asleep to the hymn of my mom’s Singer. You could say I was raised on fabrics, yarns, and threads. The knitting fairy never had to fix/work on my projects in my handwork class growing up. For a girl whose dream was being a “tomboy/surfer,” I found that projects involving my hands came way to easy. Finally, I was able to balance my outdoor passion with my handwork gift. Recently my mom passed down my great aunts 1951 sewing machine to me. It’s, the 1951 sewing machine’s, durability and mechanics are timeless and I wish to create designs that are just as lasting as it.


My inspiration to sew fabric and tassels onto the bottom of used jeans came from sitting down on my mother's Persian rug one afternoon. As the intrinsic detail complimented the tassels along the edge of the rug, I noticed that these colors and textures looked amazing against my faded blue jeans. I hopped on my sewing machine only to find that I loved this style but that I needed a lot more fabric, tassels and jeans to sew more beautiful combination. I designed this simple label to go with the colorful jeans.